About Us

Our brand was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers.

Our story

Founded in 2018, our company was carefully built to create high-value hosting services and true long-term relationships with our customers and supporters. The values we own today – long-term connections, continuous improvement, being who you are – were rooted by our customers over the years of successful collaboration.
Our top-tier, ISO certified data centers across the globe ensure access to the major business areas in Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and Africa. Our team strives to ensure immaculate network stability, solid server reliability and excellent customer oriented service.

Our Vision

We aim to be a globally known and trusted company, making our environment
successful for hundreds of thousands long-term customers.

Globally Trusted

Approaching the major business areas around the world, we aim to make sure we are trusted and accessible all over the world.

Creating Successful Environment

Continuous learning and growing our expertise is the environment that guarantees success – we want to share it with our customers.

Hundreds of Thousands Customers Worldwide

Spreading into new locations and developing long-lasting relationships with our customers, we ensure them they are our first priority.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

Your guidance leads us to the continuous improvement, that is why we appreciate our relationship so much. As a result of long-term trust, we can develop and provide you with best-in-class products and services.

Our Mission

We work for leading our customers to success by providing them high-quality, reliable and secure services from day one.

Core Philosophy

WHY = The Purpose

Every day we improve ourselves and we enjoy it.

HOW = The Process

Learning from challenges we constantly improve – making our environment customer successful.

WHAT = The Result

Reliable and secure first-in-class hosting services.


Our Values

Long-Term Connections

We focus on building a long-lasting friendship with our customers by providing them advanced and personalized customer experience.

Continuous Learning

Constantly guided by our growing expertise and know-how, we are striving for continuous improvement and change.

Being Who You Are

Being yourself and enjoying what you do every single day feels like freedom, it lifts our attitude towards what we do. It allows us to work in team, communicate and achieve a whole new level of productivity.

Our Priorities

Healthy Services

Healthy Services

To maintain high security, performance level and uptime of our services.

Continuous Performance

Continuous Performance

We strive for higher productivity and efficiency by using innovative automation solutions optimizing our processes and resources.

People Driven Culture

People Driven Culture

To cherish and develop company's culture, microclimate, engagement and leadership in line with company's values.

Knowledge-Based Decision Making

Knowledge-Based Decision Making

We encourage people to make better desicions based on continuous learning, questioning and knowledge.

Sustainable Financial Growth

Sustainable Financial Growth

Teamwork leads us to successful achievements - we share responsibility for company's sustainable financial growth.

Product Development

Product Development

We create value through technologically advanced infrastructure services development.